My journey from the training hall to the stage

Publikované 17.01.2024

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It usually starts like this: - I do Burlesque. - Is that on a stick? - No, it's a pole dance. - Ah, so what is it? - For me it's a dance. Sexy, sensual, also flirting - teasing. - And how did you get there?

Then I will start telling the story of how I found it on the Internet, I looked up Bratislava Burlesque Academy and I wanted to go there, I knew I would enjoy it. I wrote emails, I wrote on Facebook, but all the courses were taken. In other situations, I would say to myself that I'm missing it - fate, never mind. But it was annoying. And I wanted it even more. I didn't get to the course until about three quarters of a year ago, but in the meantime, I didn't miss a single workshop or event. I completely identified with that. I always liked to provoke. I like that it's feminine, sexy and alluring. I wanted to be like that too. And when I read the sentence: We don't lose weight, you come to us beautiful and you leave beautiful, I understood that the goal is to feel good in your own skin.

Finally. First workshop - Love your curves. Perfect, I couldn't have started better, I arrived full of expectations and I was excited, the babies were amazing and beautiful. Only I was like wood, under stress, I was not even able to take off my glove. I'm completely stuck.

I went to another workshop and another until the course finally started. A girl came, normal like you and me, changed clothes, played music, made the first move and I stopped breathing. She was beautiful, confident with a mysterious look and graceful movements. Lotta. Since then, I've looked forward to every Thursday when I, too, pull on fishnet stockings, high-waisted panties and put on red lipstick. Someone goes to aerobics, I go to burlesque. Until they started inflecting terms like lights, choice of music, costume, etc. I thought to myself that it doesn't concern me, because I just go to training.

I remember one hour when we sat in a circle, Lotta opposite me explained how it goes at performances, what all needs to be prepared and thought through, and at the end of the monologue she asked who would be interested in performing. Half the girls raised their hands without hesitation. Lotta included me among them without asking. Stress, excitement, all the feelings mixed in me. I knew I wanted it, but I wouldn't have dared to do it myself. I started to think about what my performance should be, for which song, what I would like to say with it. When I woke up with the melody in my head for three days, I knew that it was my music and I gradually came up with the costume, choreography and other details.

I don't even know how and suddenly I'm rehearsing my first solo. I hope that people will understand it, that they will like it, that I will like it, that I will give it.

I look forward to seeing all of you in the audience. In two weeks at our Newbies Show

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